Marriage on the Rock (Rm 211 @ 10:00am)

Brent CunninghamSunday 10:00am1 Comment

Jim and Susan Klock (contact us @ Jim Klock is a prfessional Christian counselor in Fort Collins. Description: This is a 10-week course based on Jimmy and Karen Evans’ book, Marriage on the Rock (hardcover).  Using DVD, … Read More

Sharpen Your Faith (Rm 211 @ 4:30pm)

Brent CunninghamSaturday 4:30pm1 Comment

Paul Quelet (contact me @ Description: This class will provide in-depth training for believers to mature in relationship with Jesus Christ and be equipped for works of service.  We will focus on skills needed … Read More

Psalm 23 (Rm 214 @ 11:30am)

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Isla Kercher (contact me @ Description: The 23rd Psalm is a known and loved piece of Hebrew Scripture.  This class will investigate the depth of meaning of this famous psalm through the lens of … Read More