What were they before they were “Christians”?

Did you know that Christians have not always been called “Christians”?  The earliest apprentices of Jesus only became know by this title later in the first century A.D. in the large, ethnically diverse, Syrian capital of Antioch (Acts 11:26).  It’s even likely that the term “Christian” was used by Antioch’s general population as a derogatory name for these followers of Jesus.  The title of “Christians” was given because this group of Jews and Gentiles were followers of Jesus, whom they believed to be the Christos, meaning “the anointed one,” or the Messiah.   Throughout the pages of the New Testament these earliest of believers seemed to select other names for themselves like “saints,” “brothers,” and “disciples.”  However, in referring to what and who they were following, the earliest self-description we know of is followers of “the Way” (Acts 9:2; 11:26).  And this description has no little significance.  In describing what we call “Christianity” today as “The Way,” these first followers of Jesus made a radical claim about the person and work of Jesus.  (more…)

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Does Satan know our thoughts?

This question was submitted by someone whose concern primarily had to do with prayer.  That is, if demons can read our minds, should we worry about conscious thoughts which identify our areas of weakness (allowing the evil one to use that information against us)?  On the other hand, if demons cannot read our minds, ought we weigh careful what weaknesses we admit to aloud in our prayers (also for fear that we would be arming the enemy with critical information of our struggles only to be used against us in temptation)?    (more…)

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Why women are evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection


One remarkable component in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ physical Resurrection is the role of women as the first discoverers of the empty tomb.  The absurdity of the situation doesn’t register with our modern egalitarian ears as it would have to a first century Palestinian Jew.  Most of us today have been brought up to believe in the equality of all people in political, economic, and social life.  However, this is not the case for the Jewish audience which first heard the claims of a vacant burial site where Jesus’ corpse had been interred.  Given the low status of women in the social-cultural contexts of the first century Jewish world, it is extremely significant that the Gospel authors actually own up to the fact that women were the initial witnesses of Jesus’ empty tomb.  While there existed positive roles for women in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman society, the general view of women was that they were second-class citizens. (more…)

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Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Easter


With the approach of Easter comes great opportunity for followers of Jesus to communicate the message of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection to their culture.  And while all Christians celebrate Easter (the resurrection), the various stripes of Christian churches have celebrated the period of time leading up to Easter in various ways.  Each year, as this most important of days on the Christian calendar rolls around, we hear words like “Lent,” “Ash Wednesday,” “Maundy Thursday.”  If you grew up in a more liturgical church setting you’re likely very familiar with their meanings.  However, many are not.  So, I thought I’d post a very helpful article written by Gretchen Passantino which will bring familiarity to these Christian celebrations.  For more on Gretchen’s fantastic ministry, Answers In Action, check out to her website. (more…)

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UniverSanity 2010, Truth Decay – mp3 Audio

UniverSanity Worldview Conference, Feb. 5th & 6th, 2010
Timberline Church, Ft. Collins, CO
Professor Douglas Groothuis
Professor Philosophy at Denver Seminary

Doug Groothuis delivered three talks at this conference:
1. The Crisis of Truth in the Postmodern World
2. A Short Course in Defending Christianity
3. The Lordship of Christ in Culture

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UniverSanity 2010, Truth Decay – Video

truth_decay_mp3s!!!THESE VIDEOS WILL BE FUNCTIONAL MOMENTARILYUniverSanity Worldview Conference, Feb. 5th & 6th, 2010Timberline Church, Ft. Collins, COProfessor Douglas GroothuisProfessor Philosophy at Denver SeminaryDoug Groothuis delivered three talks at this conference:1. The Crisis of Truth in the Postmodern World2. A Short Course in Defending Christianity3. The Lordship of Christ in Culture[display_podcast]

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Could Colorado’s new texting & driving law be evidence for God?


Beginning today, December 1st, 2009, it becomes a traffic offense for any driver in Colorado to text while behind the wheel.  Why?  Well, it was one year ago when Erica Forney, a little nine-year-old girl from our church, was tragically killed riding her bike home by a driver distracted while using a cell phone.  Little Erica died on Thanksgiving Day 2008, just two days after the accident.  Remarkably, within only one short year the Forney family, dedicated to a cause which could save many lives, worked to pass the new Colorado law, making it illegal for any driver to text or enter data in a phone while driving.  So, what does this have to do with a reason to believe in God? (more…)

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Can different faiths live a happily married life together?

unequally yoked

I was recently asked by a young man (who professed to be an agnostic) if I would meet with him and his Christian girlfriend.  They’d been dating for some time, talked about marriage, but now this young Christian woman was having serious reservations about marrying a non-Christian.  Her primary concern was how they would raise their children.  And it was made more complicated in her mind by the fact that he had no problem with her raising their children as Christians, but that he simply had no personal interest in following Jesus.  She was in turmoil.  He was confounded by why she was in turmoil.  I affirmed her turmoil. (more…)

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Stem Cells: Hope and Hype, OCT 15


Stem Cells: Hope and Hype, A Free Seminar
Maureen L. Condic, Ph.D
Dept. of Neurobiology, Univ. of Utah School of Medicine
Senior Fellow of the Westchester Institute for Ethics and the Human Person

Thr, Oct 15th, 2-3pm
CSU, Rm W118 (Anatomy / Zoology Bldg)

The use of stem cells in medicine holds great potential to relieve human suffering.  Dr. Condic will discuss both the biology and the ethics of stem cell research, including the fundamental distinctions between adult and embryonic stem cells (both in terms of ethics and the biomedical utility of these different stem cell populations). (more…)

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Intelligent Design Conference, Oct 30-31


The Legacy of Darwin, Intelligent Design Conference, Oct 30-31, 2009
Douglas County Events Center, Castle Rock, CO
7:00-9:30pm (Fri)
9:15am-3:30pm (Sat)

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his culture-shaking book, The Origin of Species. What has been the impact of a century and a half of naturalistic evolution? As even secular researchers are realizing, the effects have been devastating and far-reaching.


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Spiritual Life Conference @ Denver Seminary, SEPT 14


This practical and experiential half-day conference will take the next steps of implementing the discipleship paradigm laid out in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Nelson, 2006) The Emotionally Healthy Church (Zondervan 2003) into the life of the pastor/leader, and then into the leadership of the local church. We will explore how to build a church culture, beginning with the pastors themselves, where our work for Jesus flows out of our life with Jesus.

Monday, September 14, 2009, 2:30-9:00 PM
Location: Denver Seminary, Littleton, CO
Cost: $25.00 (see Den Sem link for group discount)

Conference Schedule (more…)

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Does God really ‘forget’ when He forgives?


I remember once hearing someone say, “Did you know that I can do something that God can’t do?  I can remember my sins, while God cannot!”  Now I fully understand what the person was attempting to communicate.  He was extolling the graciousness of a God who didn’t go digging up past sins which had previously been confessed and forgiven.  However, does the Bible teach that God actually forgets (is unable to recall) what those sins were or that we in fact committed them?  (more…)

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